The Village Capital Nairobi Programme @ The GrowthHub™

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 17 Jun 2012
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Do you have a start-up with an innovative product or service that can create growth in Kenya, Africa and possibly the whole wide world? Then we are interested in you! Village Capital Nairobi is a 20-week programme from August–November 2012 for Kenya’s most promising and innovative entrepreneurs in the fields of mobile & web, green tech andessential services (education, health & water/sanitation). As a participant you will join a group of like-minded peers, receive expert coaching on how to accelerate the growth of your company and network with strategic partners and investors who can scale your venture. Atthe end of the programme, two start-ups will receive USD 50,000 investment each with a twist: you the entrepreneurs will decide who among the participating start-ups will get the pre-committed capital. The programme will be hosted by and run at The GrowthHub™ by GrowthAfrica. It will comprise of 6 three-day workshops which will focus on key areas of enhancing your business and helping you together with your fellow entrepreneurs’ analyse it from different angles. Subsequent to each workshop, identified improvements will be implemented with thesupport from a carefully selected group of experienced mentors. A nominal programme participation fee will give you access to training materials and key business tools as well as food, drinks and refreshments during the 6 workshops. Furthermore the programme will grant you access to:
  • Multiple public events organized by Village Capital and GrowthAfrica that will give you a forum to promote your venture and gain support
  • A place in the Village Capital global network, which has run 14 programmes in eight cities to date worldwide (San Francisco, Mumbai, London, New Orleans, Sao Paulo, Boulder, Atlanta & Shanghai) and led to over USD 10 million investment in over 150 companies
  • Access to a wide network of mentors and advisors who will be working with you closely and frequently
  • Opportunity to pitch your company to a group of investors from the US, Denmark and Kenya, who will be available at the DEMO days
  • Opportunity to be hosted at The GrowthHub at reduced prices for the duration of the programme
Applications are due June 30th 2012 on If you have any questions about the application process or the Village Capital Nairobi programme @ The GrowthHub, please visit our website to get information/details or email us at [email protected] [email protected] You can follow us on twitter: @GrowthHubAfrica
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