Mozilla Kenya Hackjam

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 17 Jun 2012
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The Summer Code Campaign is here!! Yeah, you read right and as Mozilla Kenya, we are not left out in this exciting experience, no, not at all! Summer Code Campaign aims to bring together individuals who are good at coding or have some skills with any coding language or skill i.e HTML, html5, php... you name them... and people who have no idea what coding is all about or even if they do, then probably they want to learn a new skill or add to what they have, now that's what COOL is, if you ask me! We aim to build the next generation of webmakers! So here's the plan, the Summer Code Party launches on the 23rd of June. Mozilla Kenya, will be kicking of it's Campaign on the same date by holding a series of Hackjams at the iHub here in Nairobi! If you ain't familiar with the word 'Hackjam', no biggie, this is simply a learning session where we get to 'hack' on a specific subject or simply a 'how to session' where we have the 'Lead Hacker' or simply the teacher, and the 'Hackers to be, aka the learners getting to share their problems and solutions on a given coding field or even just sharing new ideas and trends! We'll be having a lot to share with those who want to learn ranging from simple Hacking Tools built by Mozilla to building stuff on the web using latest skills as html5! Now, you don't want to miss all this excitement and fun as we learn new skills. Bring everyone interested in learning how to code including our little brothers and sisters or even a kid friend back at home, we want to build the next generation of web makers you know! For those who can't make it then to the iHub but you probably want to know more about this and probably take part in the Summer Code Campaign, no worries, you can host an event back at home around your Kitchen Table! Just hit me with an email and I'll guide you on how to! :) More details on the Summer Campaign coming your way, be on the look on any developments. We'll keep you posted! Happy Summer Code Party! Time: Saturday, June 23, 2012 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM GMT+03:00 Host: Alex Wafula Location: iHub (Nairobi, Nairobi),Bishop Magua Building opposite Uchumi Hyper, Ngong Road, Nairobi
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