Robotics Boot Camp - 2nd Edition

By Anne
  Published 18 Jun 2012
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The second edition of the Robotics Boot Camp that will be heldon 23rd June, 2012at FabLab Nairobi (University of Nairobi Science and Technology Park)from 8am to 5pm. This Boot Camp is a follow-up event after the successfully inaugural Robotics Boot Camp that was held on 21st April at iHub as part of the NASA International SpaceApps Challenge, during which one of the participating teams won the "People's Choice category" (

The iHub Robotics Programme aims to come up with innovations and solutions in robotics and embedded system design as well as in vision and sensory control. The objective of the programme is to design and develop robotics components as well as individual components for these systems. The long term team goal is to nurture a community of developers and techies working in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and continually develop skills for the participants.

The challenge during the second edition of the Robotics Bootcamp is to develop a traffic monitoring system that integrates the use of image processing and pattern recognition systems of vehicles on Kenyan roads. This is of ultimate importance given that Kenyans lose on average 40 hours each week in traffic particularly during the rainy season when congestion on the roads reaches its peak. During the Robotics Book Camp the aim is to develop a multi-sensor integration and data acquisition system for the traffic situation assessment and distributed sensory system for the integration of data from different sensors on a robotics workstation e.g. Cameras, tactile sensors, sonar sensors. The prototype developed will be used to monitor the traffic situation using various sensors and cameras on the ground. It then remotely relays this information to a PC which will be used to coordinate the traffic lights. An additional aspect to this challenge is to implement the use of text messages and twitter interactions from drivers to evaluate the traffic situation on the roads. All interested participants need to register on the following Link This event is proudly sponsored by
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