GSMA Launches Mobile and Development Intelligence (MDI)

By Leo Mutuku
  Published 13 Jun 2012
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Today, GSMA launched a new service, Mobile and Development Intelligence, (MDI), a project in conjunction with Omidyar Network. MDI is an open data platform for everyone involved in developing world mobile initiatives.
The aim is to improve decision making, increase investment from industry and the development sector, and accelerate the economic, environmental and social impact from mobile solutions, by addressing four specific problems:
  1. Lack of access to reliable data for developing business cases, product strategies and programmes
  2. Limited visibility of existing organisations, products and services
  3. Limited understanding of the impact of mobile on development
  4. Fragmentation of platforms and limited cross-sector convergence
MDI has four objectives, listed below, in line with these specific problems.
  • Provide a freely accessible, online repository of data and analysis
  • Provide visibility of organisations, products and services and community
  • Clarify the impact of mobile on development
  • Thought leadership on technology convergence
Through an open access portal, MDI will offer data and analysis to support business decision-making and clarify the evidence of the socio-economic impact of the mobile industry in the developing world. MDI will provide any user with over 70 metrics and the ability to tabulate, graph, map and export the datasets with country-level dashboards available for more than 140 developing world countries. MDI will continually add new datasets throughout the project and users can add data and content to the portal. - GSMA
We believe that this platform will be an invaluable supplementary resource to anyone involved in the mobile sector and will provide great insights to find opportunities as well as to use to improve your business. Read the full press releasehere    
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