Ruby User Group Meetup

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 22 May 2012
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What is this? We are a group of Ruby enthusiasts, meeting monthly to present and talk all things Ruby - a dynamic open source Programming Language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. The meet-ups are an opportunity to meet fellow Rubyists, share ideas and of course do some hacking. The community is open to anyone - whether you are looking to add Ruby/Rails to your toolbox or you just want to Try Ruby. Time and Place Venue: iHub, Nairobi Date: Thursday 24th May 2012 Starts: 18:00 Hrs Ends: 19:30 Hrs Tentative agenda Introductions (and announcements) Presentation by guest speaker Networking session Hacking - there will be lots of fun stuff to work on. Bring along your laptop/notebook. We hope to see you there!
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