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iHub Research
  Published 09 May 2012
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iHub Research is made up of a group of passionate individuals who are driven and motivated to deliver quality research in the ICT sector.The iHub Research team is drawn from a diverse group of talented individuals whose distinct skills make up exceptional synergy within the team. The team is committed to producing stellar content for its clients and to giving back to the larger technology community through their research insights. Meet the dynamic team

Jessica Colao - Research Lead

She is passionate about Innovation, Research Visualisation, Mobile Technology and Mentorship and Entrepreneurship in Kenya. Jessicamentors the team in research and research activities, leadingthe team in their day to day activities at iHub Research. Her primary activities at iHub Research include leading major research projects at the as well as courting local, regional and international stakeholders to adopt Kenyan- made solutions.She is also the Innovation advisor for different stakeholders that come to the iHub.

Angela Crandall - Project Manager Angela's main role is to coordinate and plan for the various iHub Research projects. She joined the iHub community in October 2010, and is passionate about innovation, especially in the agricultural sector, SME development and the appropriate use of IT. Her experience as a researcher in different countries provides invaluable insights - a great asset to the iHub Research core team. Hilda Moraa - Research Strategist Hilda spearheads the in-house research study on ICT Hubs. She formulates iHub Research's capabilities, policies, processes using the different projects as a basis. Her experience inquantitativeresearch, market research, management consulting, operations research in a fast-paced high-exposure environment has been invaluable in designing and managing research projects. Leonida Mutuku - Research Analyst This Actuarial Scientist, Researcher, Data Analyst and Writer is involved in both qualitative and quantitative research. She is the lead in the creative visualization of data as a tool to easily disseminate useful information to the general public. Her activities also include analysis and interpretation of data from the different iHub Research projects, tying this in with data visualization and reports. She advocates for a design thinking approach to research and innovation.She is passionate about the Open Data movement and leads on the Open Data initiatives at the iHub Research. Lillian Lillian Nduati - Content Manager Brings on board her background in media and journalism merging this experience with her knowledge in technology in the country, specifically Open Data. Her main focus will be to steer the Open Data initiatives at the iHub Research. Her passion in media and entrepreneurship will be invaluable in coordinating media activities at the iHub. Pato Patrick Munyi - Lead Designer , Infographics Specialist Patrick leverages his unique design talents to put to vision the creative aspects of the iHubResearchprojects. He takes the lead on design, creating visualizations from raw data to disseminate information. His work has been used by local publications in the country as well as internationally. He has distinguished himself as a data visualization authority. Anne Anne Salim - Events Coordinator Anne coordinates all events at the iHub Research, which includes handling all aspects of event organization. The main core of her work is on Design thinking and User Experience (UX), with a special focus on UX Research – closely documenting the building of the UX Lab (by the iHub). She also supports research in iHub Research’s M-Governance project, participating in mLearning activities among others.   Albert Albert Otieno Orwa -Statistician As a statistician, Albert's main role at iHub Research entails entry,visualization of graphics and analysis of various projects.He explains complex ideas and findings in a way that can easily be understood.Albert holds a BSc. In Applied Statistics with Computing and is currently working on his masters in social statistics.He is passionate about research. Kelvin Murage - Research Assistant Kelvin joins iHub Research as the assistant Research Strategist working with Hilda Moraa in profiling ICT hubs across the region.Kelvin ispassionate about informatics, particularlylooking at the trade-offs between sustainability and quality of service in cloud computing.Prior to joiningiHub Research, he worked as a freelance software engineer andon-linecontent writer; with aclientle in Africa and Asia . Rhoda Omenya - Research Assistant Rhoda is passionate about helping communities realize their potential by using that which they have, whether human, natural or man made resources.This is why she has delved into research to be able to empower communities through homegrowntechnologicalsolutions. She has extensive research experience carried out in various parts of Kenya including Meru, Kaloleni and Marsabit, among other areas. She brings this experience as a research assistant in documenting the first Open Data Pre-Incubator program in Kenya.    
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