Mobile at the Base of the Pyramid

By Editor
iHub Research
  Published 08 May 2012
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Globally, there are 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2.50 a day (Kshs208.2). Mobile devices among these users (bottom of the pyramid - BoP) offers potential for economic empowerment. There is a need to first understand the potential usage of the phones among this category of users. iHub Research is excited to announce the launch of the “Mobile at the Base of the Pyramid” , a World bank commissioned research. The aim of the study will be to provide a thorough and fact-based understanding of current and potential future demand and usage patterns of mobile devices by BoP users. It will detail the socio-economic impacts and provide a guide for developing promising business models to maximize the benefits of using mobile devices at the BoP. Some of the key objectives for this study include:
  • To increase understanding of the actual usage of mobile services, products, and applications at the Base of the Pyramid and to understand their potential for economic (and social) empowerment;
  • To identify scalable examples of services, products, and applications at the concept, prototype, or early product development stages;
  • To develop tools and instruments to map viable operation models and logics of various segments of BOP markets and to identify user needs;
  • To formulate recommendations for business planning and policy development that can support this potential.
The six-month project will be out in October 2012. *Photo Credits: AFP/GettyImages
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