iHub Research Office Hours

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  Published 08 May 2012
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Born out of a need to give back to the community, Office Hours are a way for iHub Research members to engage with the tech community and to interact with the iHub Research team to understand what they are working on. Just one month into the Office Hours program, the iHub Research team have found that Office hours have become an important way for them to share their unique skills sets with iHub members, adding value to the iHub community. Some of the interesting Office Hours have included: legal consultancy for start-ups (at no cost!), business development , experience design and writing proposals, grants and reports – important skills for any entrepreneurs. These have largely been based on the feedback we have received from the iHub community, who expressed a need for skill-sharing among the tech community. If you would like to engage iHub Research to find out more about on-going projects and request for information, you can access the website -www.research.ihub.co.ke.This schedule will be updated every month on the iHub Research website (research.ihub.co.ke). The May schedule: *This schedule is subject to change every month. The team invites members who have skills that they would like to share to send an email to the iHub Research team [email protected]  
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