Rockefeller Foundation- 2012 Innovation Challenges Competition

By Joseph
  Published 26 Apr 2012
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The Rockefeller foundation has a competition that started April 2nd 2012 and they are seeking innovative ideas that will solve problems for the next 100 years. The foundation is a prominent philanthropic organization and private organization located in New York. As things keep changing at a quick pace in the 21st Century, the foundation’s goal is to build resilience and equitable growth for the poor people of the world. It will rely on the Rockefeller’s part on commitment to a continuing search for openness, new ideas and new ways of building solutions to the complex problems that exist around the world. The foundation will pick as many as 9 out of 15 finalists to apply for $100,000 grant support to further develop and support their ideas. May 25th 2012 is the deadline for participants to submit their world changing ideas. These are the three categories in the competition that participants can take part in:
  • Decoding Data - How will you use data to create change that improves the quality of life of poor or vulnerable communities in cities?
  • Irrigating Efficiency - How will you improve or scale agricultural water use efficiency?
  • Farming Now - How will your idea encourage and support young people to enter and stay in farming?
Complete entry forms on their website: To enter the competition, entrants may be individuals, organizations, formal or informal entities. Individuals submitting an idea, hereafter referred to as the entrant, on behalf of a group should be fully authorized by that group to do so. Any informal entities will need to affiliate with a formal authorized entity to apply for funding. To be eligible for consideration, each entrant must: For more info about the competition visit the website below to verify the eligibility, criteria and FAQ
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