iHub Green Members show and tell

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 20 Apr 2012
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Early this year, the iHub Advisory Board met with the iHub managers to discuss the future direction of the space and what our focus should be for the coming year. One key takeaway from this meeting was the need for the advisors, community and the iHub team to understand more on what the green members are doing. To this end, We resolved to put together a schedule for each of the 250 green members to do a 5-minute presentation, followed by a 5-min Q&A. This will be done by a quorum of the iHub Advisory Board, as they’re the ones who make the final decision on who gets and retains membership. It will also be in front of the other community members who would like to attend so that there is a better understanding in the community of what each of us do. Every fortnight, we will have only 6 presentations from the green members. You can begin booking your slot for the 5-minute presentations that will happen biweekly, every second Monday evening from 6pm to 7pm by making an appointment on this calendar. In addition to making the reservation, please download a light template here that you will use for your presentation. The first show and tell will happen on Monday the 30th of April You aren’t required to give up competitive details, this is more for you to give the iHub advisory board and the community an overview of what you’re working on, how the iHub is helping with that, and where the gaps are that you need assistance. Kindly note that all green members are required to do these presentations. The green memberships will be reviewed in the next few months so if you don’t do this, you will lose your green membership.
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