Weekly Design Thinking Workshops

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 20 Apr 2012
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"Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs Design thinking and user experience are rising forces in Web and software development. UX designers have skills, not roles. So how do we win with user experience here at the iHub? Starting next week, we'll begin a weekly design workshop and discussion, facilitated by designers Tosh and David, to explore what design thinking means here in Africa. How do we get the entire community, everybody, on board with user experience design? Let's start a dialogue sooner rather than later about how designers conduct research and user testing to improve the overall user experience. Over the course of three weeks, sessions will explore how to conduct design research, the definitions and meanings behind experience design and the principles underlying service design. We seek to demystify concepts such as information architecture and introduce the community to UX research in preparations for the opening of UX Research Lab come June The sessions are open to 10-15 individuals passionate about design who seek to increase their knowledge about subjects such as user experience, information architecture, and service design. We will begin with research and end up by sharing models and methodologies. The sessions are scheduled every Monday for the next three weeks beginning 23rd April 2012. The sessions will begin at 5.30 pm at iHub Research. Please email David or Tosh for more details.
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