The XYZ Show Producers to launch web and mobile video platform, Buni TV

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 11 Apr 2012
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The XYZ Show Producers to launch web and mobile video platform, Buni TV
Buni Media, the production company behind The XYZ Show, will be announcing the launch of anew web and mobile Pan-African digital video platform calledBuni TV, with a press event at the iHub on April 18. Buni TV ( aims to showcase the best, most innovative and visually arresting content being currently produced in or about Africa, and distribute it to new audiences on the continent and abroad. Buni TV will focus on high quality short and feature films, documentaries, animation, television and web series, and music videos. Whereas others African video platforms seem to target only the diaspora market, Buni TV wants to bring its content in priority to the continent’s under-served audiences. Anticipating Africa’s upcoming mobile video boom, Buni TV developed a light, user-friendly mobile site that works on most smartphones and can be accessed at
More to be announced on Wednesday April 18 at 12pm at the iHub.
More about Buni Media:
Buni Media ( is a media company based in Nairobi, Kenya and Los Angeles, California. It is the production outlet behind The XYZ Show, Africa’s first political satire program featuring life-size latex puppets. The XYZ Show ( reaches an audience of more than 8 million people every month on television, radio, buses, web and mobile.
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