Culture Shift Kenya – the ideas

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 30 Mar 2012
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About 50 professional designers, developers, creative, and business people came together at the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday afternoon, not sure what to expect. The teams met each other over breakfast, and covered each other with labels like “Designer”, “Doer”, “Thinker”, and “Troublemaker”. After a rousing morning of samosas, tea, ideas generation, tea, post-it notes, lunch, and tea, these were the 7 ideas that our teams settled down to work on: -          Creatree is a way to engage audiences and other artists with the stories of creation of the artwork - BlackThumb a way to rate service providers for events & creative - Tupo is a repository of local creative content online - C-Fund is there to bridge the gap between creative entrepreneurs and capital - Robini wants to even the playing field for rural craftspeople in the market - F!Act wants to coordinate arts with on- and off-line activism - CreativeMe is an online marketplace for hard-to-find creative industry supplies in Kenya Good luck to all the teams, they’re deep in working at the moment, and we’re excited about the direction in which they’re moving.
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