ICT Hubs Model: Understanding the Key Factors of the iHub Model

By Hilda Moraa
  Published 22 Mar 2012
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iHub research has released the final model report which can be downloaded here. iHub Research is currently dis-aggregating the unique factors that make up ICT Hubs models in Africa and the iHub was the first to be profiled out of the other 14 Hubs/Labs. Methodology Mixed methods were used to understand the unique factors of the Hub model: IDIs (In-Depth Interviews) with 4 management team members, 1 Focus group with 3 iHub employees, 5 profiled case studies on the iHub, and available secondary information on the iHub website. The data collection took a period of one month, followed by one month of analyzing and reporting. All interviews took place within the iHub space: The respondents chosen carry out varied roles and responsibilities in managing the iHub, therefore iHub research was able to obtain a wider perspective of how the iHub works: ie 1 advisory , 1 Network manager, 1 community manager , 1 general manager, 3 employees. In the coming week, iHub research will also be releasing the Entrepreneurs report that aimed to understand the Impact of the iHub model to the entrepreneurs and their start-ups. The findings from the other remaining 14 Hubs will be profiled in a report series, which will be released over the following months. Stay tuned!
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