Meet, create tech tools & win 5,000

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 16 Mar 2012
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Meet, create tech tools & win 5,000
What do you get when you put leading digital innovators, creative practitioners and a whole lot of entrepreneurial energy in a room together for 48 hours in four cities across Africa? We don’t yet know… but we predict some incredible ideas, lasting relationships, and seriously investable solutions for challenges faced by the creative community in Nairobi. Are you a creative? Are you in the cultural, or in the digital sector? Or a developer, innovator in the tech space? The iHub in partnership with the British Council invites you to participate in the above competition for a seed fund for your innovation for a whopping 5,000. Dubbed "Culture Shift", the event will pair up a creative, a business professional and an IT innovator for three (3) days to develop a creative application with addresses concerns or a need in the local communities through digital media and ICT based solutions. Once you sign up, you shall be paired up with technologists in the ICT field or a professionals from the creative sector and together you will be expected to come up with an innovative solution of your choice that will address socio-economic needs. A panel will evaluate the solutions developed and the winning pair will pocket 5,000 (about Ksh. 655,000) as a seed fund to implement the idea(s). If you are interested, kindly fill in this online form before Friday the 23rd and we'll get back to you with more details. We are looking for 30 representatives from the Creative sector and 30 developers or IT innovators. So hurry up and sign up! More details will follow after your confirmation
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