The New Nomads and Cloud Computing in Africa - Public Lecture by Carnegie Mellon University - Rwanda

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 13 Mar 2012
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The New Nomads and Cloud Computing in Africa - Public Lecture by Carnegie Mellon University - Rwanda
  Carnegie Mellon University - Rwanda (CMU-R) will host an evening of intellectual engagement as we hear from Dr. Michel Bzy, of Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda. Dr.Professor Michel Bzy, will be giving a public lecture on “The New Nomads and Cloud Computing in Africa”:
The Nomads of the Sahara are called the "children of the clouds" and in Africa, clouds announce the rain that brings hope. A new type of cloud is bringing hope for the next generation of African innovators and unleashing their creativity: Cloud computing. The integration of mobile, broadband internet and cloud computing is opening new opportunities for SMEs, a key development sector for Africa.
This lecture will be immediately followed by an interactive forum on “Weaving Tomorrow’s ICT Ecosystem”. The forum will examine the current state of the ICT landscape in the region, and explore the roles of industry, academia, government and most importantly, the “afropreneur “, in creating an effective ecosystem to support the next big technological breakthroughs in Africa and in the world. The panelists will be announced in due course. Dr. Michel Bzy has more than two decades of experience in developing business strategy for market introduction of emerging innovative software technology and has been working with executives in enterprises to understand the value of emerging technology for their business. Dr. Bzy's research and teaching areas are:
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Use of Digital Information in Enterprises
  • Information and Communication Technology for Development
Prior to his current position, Dr. Bzy worked for IBM Corporation for 25 years. He was program director for Cloud Computing solutions, business development manager in IBM Research, strategy manager for IBM Autonomic Computing technology and IBM WebSphere platform and marketing manager for IBM Digital Library. For three years, he was the CEO of a library automation software company based in Europe and delivering solutions to more than one hundred large corporations in the world. Prior to joining IBM, he was a professor at the National University of Congo (ex Zaire) and Research Assistant at the Universit Catholique of Louvain in Belgium. Dr. Bzy was also adjunct professor at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Bzy has a degree of Engineering in Applied Mathematics from the Universit Catholique of Louvain in Belgium, a Master Degree in Sciences from Carnegie Mellon, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from the Universit Catholique of Louvain. Venue: iHub Date: Thursday 15th March 2011 Time: 6 pm RSVP: Refreshments will be served
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