*iHub_ Robotics Initiative

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 29 Feb 2012
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The *iHub_ robotics initiative started last year as a way for members with interest in computer hardware and robotics to have a platform to share ideas and collaborate.Towards this end, the iHub also purchased an Arduino based DF robot for members to code and to use to sharpen their hardware skills.   This culminated in the first ever meet up for hardware enthusiasts last year at the *iHub_where members came together and shared ideas on hardware programming and the members also got to work with the DF robot. For new (and existing) green members looking to join the initiative there are a couple of ways you can get involved:
  • Join the *iHub_ robotics group, which can be found at http://groups.google.com/group/ihubrobots Use the forum to ask robotics-related questions and to contribute to discussions as well. The group email is [email protected]
  • Come and play around with the In-house robot, and improve on it. We encourage members to add peripherals to the robot to give it extra functionality. Contact [email protected] for access to the robot.
  • Members are also encouraged to bring along any hardware and robotics projects they have done and share with other members.
This year, we are planning to partner with Universities and Higher Education institutions so that members can have a better feel of the process that goes into designing and commissioning computer hardware and robots. As a bonus, if there are final year Electrical Engineering students looking for advice, the *iHub_ robotics coordinators (Caine and Juliette) have offered to give free advice to students on how to go about their projects. You can contact them at:[email protected]
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