iHub Outreach Program: Egerton University and University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 28 Feb 2012
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The iHub has in the past engaged with different stakeholders and communities outside the tech domain with a view to identify and take advantage of opportunities as well as tackle challenges that arise from the synergy between the two communities. In the recent past we have began formalizing this process into an outreach program that we believe will broaden avenues of opportunity for the community. Recently, on invitation from Egerton University and the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, the iHub conducted an outreach program at the two institutions outlining the history and activities of Ushahidi, iHub, iHub Research, m:lab East Africa and Pivot East. The program was primarily targeted at the tech community in academic circles The objectives for this outreach are listed as follows:
  • Increase awareness of the iHub to the university developer community outside Nairobi
  • Identify synergy opportunities between the university fraternity and the iHub
  • Brainstorm ways to engage both communities in advancing the local developer ecosystem
Both events had a two part program: the first part a talk outlining the iHub and its related initiatives and the second part a brainstorming session on possible collaboration opportunities. The key issues that arose from the brainstorming sessions are listed below:
  • The Western Kenya region has a strong academic hold that the iHub and the greater tech community can tap into with regard to research
  • Too many tech resources are concentrated in Nairobi. Need to create avenues to seed them to other tech communities in the country
  • University education isn’t meeting certain industry demands/needs. The iHub should partner with institutions to bridge the gap
  • Access to resources shared with the iHub members - especially those that can be shared virtually (heavily pegged on the writeboards)
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