Open Data Developer Roundtable with Caroline Anstey, World Bank Managing Director

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 21 Feb 2012
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The *iHub_ team had the pleasure of hosting Caroline Anstey, the World Bank Managing Director, yesterday, Monday, February 20, 2012. She is a key driver of the World Bank's internal open data policy and has pushed for greater Bank support of open data/open government initiatives. A team of high-level World Bank Officials accompanied Anstey to the iHub. She was taken on a tour of the *iHub_ Research office, m:lab East Africa, and *iHub_.

After the tour, Anstey sat down to a round-table discussion with a handful developers from the *iHub_community who use the open data platform to develop applications. The World Bank is a big supporter of the open data platform. World Bank has their own platform and has released over 7,000+ indicators in their database. []

The round-table discussion, moderated by iHub Managers Tosh and Jessica, consisted of:

  • Ushahidi (Daudi Were)Open data information being used to map electoral boundaries, plot polling stations on maps, and for monitorial purposes through the Huduma platform among other things; []

  • Med Africa application (Mbugua Njihia)Use the health facilities list to support the services offered by their application;[]

  • Mzalendo(Jessica Musila)Accesses data to report on the activities and performance of members of parliament. Datasets accessed include information on educational facilities, health facilities and the constituency development fund; []

  • M-Farm(Susan Ogoya)Use the reports on farm produce prices for comparison and analysis; []

  • Doban Africa (Chris Orwa)Create various ways of displaying the data that has been availed; []

  • MsemaKweli (Isaac Osiemo)Use CDF fund information to display projects taking place and users can search, view, comment and report the progress of the same. []

Anstey asked the developers what assistance they would require from the World Bank and some of the things that stood out from the discussion included: The WB to be the backup/ supporting organization and introduce the developers to key players in the industry so that when they request for data, they have a less difficult time, for the WB to release some of the data they have cleaned for comparison and analysis purposes, for the WB to continue talking about the applications available as a result of the platform and create more awareness about the open data platform.

Caroline Anstey congratulated the developers who were present and pledged to follow up on how the World Bank can offer support.

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