Cloud Computing Fundamentals

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 15 Feb 2012
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Does the term cloud computing cloud your thinking? Do you associate cloud computing to overcast weather? Are you tired of marketing buzzwords that are never explained like 'SaaS' (You read it as 'Sasa', a common Swahili greeting), PaaS (you assume this means a man from Western Kenya has had enough of his fowl), IaaS (Frankly, simply confuses you) etc? As EANOG (East Africa Network Operators Group), we have taken it upon ourselves (Yep, we are just nice guys) to explain anddemystifythese concepts. Think of it as the class in University you should have been taught, but were not. Think of it as MITx, by regular Wananchi, who speak your language! Who will be speaking? Simple people: 1. John Gitau - Nice guy. Loves farming, hiking, talking to people, taking long walks off short piers, a regular guy, who just happens to have a great understanding of networking (a Cisco CCIE, works for Safaricom, usual accolades, but speaks your language, from the grandmother, to the server room geek, he gets you). 2. Phares Kariuki - Again, nice guy. Loves his coffee, music, books and failed attempts at sarcasm. Tries to cook, but tragically succeeds in making dogfood (everything roasts). Happens to work in the virtualization field (has for the last five odd years), as a Business Manager for VMware in Westcon Africa, previously did pre-sales for VMware at Westcon Africa. Can additionally have a conversation with your great aunt and your geek about cloud computing. We at EANOG believe in keeping things simple. Keeping things straight forward. We will serve coffee. We promise to be simpler and more accurate than our esteemed Kenyan MeteorologicalDepartment Register below! Venue: iHub Date: 18th February 2012 Time: 10:15 am to 12.45 pm *DISCLAIMER - Conversation may veer off anticipated topic, unfortunately an effect of Coffee & ADHD. Forgive us. There will be rules on how to get us back talking about clouds
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