BarCamp Nairobi 2010: Day 1(Google room at NaiLab)

By Joseph
  Published 12 Jun 2010
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Zukustartup index is an open, community-managed and free startup tracking database for the Kenyan startup and Investor Community.Currently it's connecting angel investors to east african artists and others local startups.Some other companies like kickstarter and sprouter have the same ideas as startup index. Telemedicine is on the verge of evolving in Kenya.Mashavu, is a telemedicine system that connects medical professionals in Kenya withindividuals in developing communities.Projects have been on going in Ngong with the UN agencies.Khanjan Mehta,elaborated more on the use of local materials to create a cheaper version of medical tools that can be easily accessd by the local hospitals to assist in getting health information to assist in treating a patient who is miles away from a doctor. Kamau Gichingi spoke about the project Fab labs that are located in Nairobi university.Its an MIT lab in Kenya and they have four thematic veiw:-
  • ICT
  • Bio Technology
  • Energy and Materials
  • Minerals
Products that have come out of the lab like,tea maker via sending SMS,monitoring of traffic thats already adopted by KDN ,Keingovillage(home automation system) among other projects. Stay "tuned" for more updates from BarCamp Nairobi 2010.
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