iHub - Ideas, Interests, Investments, Innovations

By Josiah Mugambi
  Published 17 Feb 2010
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Quoting Eric Schmidt from a recent article on innovation in the Washington Post: More than ever, innovation is disruptive and messy. It can't be controlled or predicted. The only way to ensure it can flourish is to create the best possible environment -- and then get out of the way. It's a question of learning to live with a mess. I also like this bit: Fourth, information must become even more open and accessible. Government-funded research should be made public through "a Wikipedia of ideas," so entrepreneurs can harness ideas commercially. High-speed Internet access must be much more widely available. Broadband is a major driver of new jobs and businesses, yet we rank only 15th in the world for access. More government support for broadband remains critical. The Nairobi iHub will be many things - a collision of Ideas, Innovations, Interests, Investments. We need as many ideas as possible on activities, projects, concepts, anything, for the iHub. Send in your ideas via email to ideas (at) ihub.co.ke. Investments are necessary so we intend to have a huge the internet pipe:). There has been of course been quite some time and effort invested by various people (Fady Rostom & Kwame Nyongo doing the interior layout, Mbugua & Salim of Symbiotic providing this hosting platform, Brian Longwe with some handy data equipment, the volunteer data team - Denis Wahome and Joseph Kamau) Interests - we hope as many individuals & businesses partner with us as well as Government. We are still working out how to involve everyone in the community. - There is no telling where the iHub will be in 2-3 years. It is going to be quite an experiment, and right from the onset, the key will be to create the best possible environment within the iHub for innovations to take place, and to get out of the way.
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