Lend some Unreasonable Support to M-Farm!

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 23 Jan 2012
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Lend some Unreasonable Support to M-Farm!
Fighting to stick with your New Year's resolution diet plan already? Here's a tip: instead of those two large mocha Frappuccinos with extra whipped cream you'd buy this week, why not take that $10 and sponsor the ladies at M-Farm as they work to improve the world, one Kenyan farmer at a time? Your waistline, and a small corner of East Africa will thank you for it. M-Farm, an agribusiness and ICT company, is one of the startups that came out of the iHub in 2010. This year has kickstarted well for the M-Farm team. They are afinalist for the Unreasonable Institute , an Institute that arms entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world's biggest social and environmental problems with the mentorship, capital, and networks they need to do so. 100s of Entrepreneurs from 60 countries are competing for 25 spots at the Unreasonable Institute. They have so far narrowed it down to 50 finalists and the 1st 25 to raise $10,000 USD will be accepted! Contesting entrepreneurs are not allowed to pay but are instead challenged to raise that $10,000 from hundreds or thousands of supporters on the Unreasonable Marketplace . The Marketplace provides the Finalists the chance to demonstrate their entrepreneurial mettle, by challenging them to mobilize the support of hundreds of people around the world. Their reward? Working with 50-world class mentors ranging from HP's CTO Phil McKinney to Paul Polak, who's enabled over 19 million farmers to move out of poverty, forging relationships with 20 impact investment funds, pitching to one hundred investors, getting 6-weeks of food and lodging, and building an ever-growing network of fellow Unreasonable entrepreneurs for the rest of their liveswithout having to pay a dime. The teams hands, since they can't pay for themselves, are tied but yours are not. Please sponsor them to be Unreasonable this year!Of course we are not expecting you to give anything more than what your heart, mind and pockets can kindly offer,but we do believe in the power of networks and generosity! Apart from contributing you can support them as well by finding 9 more friends to contribute $10(or less) each. Visit https://marketplace.unreasonableinstitute.org/project/m-farm/ Crowd Sourced Funding using M-PAYER Mfarm are currently incubated at m:lab East Africa. In the Kenyan spirit of pulling together, Zege Technologies, another m:lab incubatee is supporting mfarm to crowdsource contributions payments via M-Pesa. To use Zege Technologies' M-Payer service to contribute, you may simply pay to the M-Pesa paybill number 531300 giving "MFARM" as the account name.
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