iHub ladies soccer team

By wanjiku
  Published 23 Jan 2012
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In the last two year, we have discovered that iHub folks have several talents coding, designing, entrepreneurship and sports. For the longest time, the foosball table was the only avenue for demonstrating football prowess, until the male soccer team was constituted.They have gone on to beat teams like Nokia, Kibera etc... Not to be left behind, the ladies have come together and formed a team, well, we are only four now but we are hoping to have a team and at least three subs, and a coach. Thats 15. Led by @mariegithinji who has had huge success at the foosball table, the team is hoping to recruit in various positions. I know the number of female supporters of the English, Spanish and Kenyan leagues have risen but am hoping that apart from admiring the nicely chiseled footballer bodies, we can get to emulate them :) For instance, I am a great supporter of midfield general Patrick Vieira, which means that no. 4 will be my preferred playing position but I guess thats because I can never play as well as Dennis Bergkamp, Arsenal's last decent no. 10. You do not need to know the position, you can just come play for fun, and you might just discover that you have a talent, although it might be late to go pro :) We hope to play other companies or a team from wherever but we are not getting ahead of ourselves, its just for fun so please come :) We will be training on Mondays at Baraton University field, just behind iHub. We will be training together with the male team. Be there on January 30th, but first you have to register here for planning purposes. See you then :)
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