Celebrating the Systers Community

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 22 Jan 2012
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It has been said that the twenty first century is witnessing the ever increasing role of science and technology in all aspects of life be it culture, business, education, politics, to mention a few. Sadly, it has also been noted that women do not have a strong presence in these two fields yet they offer solutions for many global problems. As such, this has been a cause for alarm for a long period of time, and many initiatives have been established to eliminate this problem. In 1987, renowned computer scientistAnita Borg founded theSysters online community in the spirit of broadly promoting the interests of women in the fields of computing and technology. This was long before online community was part of the mainstream. Systers provides a private space to seek advice from peers and discuss challenges faced as women in technology. It has created an enviroment in which women work more conducive for continued participation in the field. Today, Systers is recognised as the largest email community of technical women in computing, with over 3000 members in at least 54 countries globally. Every year, Systers members gather in their respective areas worldwide in a forum to discuss technology, challenges they face and to support each other, in what is known as Systers global meetups. This year, in January 28, 2012, it shall be no different. Nairobi Systers event will be held at the Ihub from 2.00 – 4.00 pm to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Systers community. The event will be hosted by the Akirachix and Afriwit (African Women in Technology),ihub and Google. Technical women of all ages are invited to the event as the systers celebrate themselves and commemorate Anita Borg for including all women in the technological revolution- not just as bystanders, but active participants and leaders. This event aims to bring together girls and women from high school, university, colleges and in industry to network and build relationships. We hope that these loose connections will be the start of greater endeavors among the women.So if you are a woman in Tech don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with the fellow women in tech community. Register for the eventHere.
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