Meet the volunteer team-data cabling

By wanjiku
  Published 12 Feb 2010
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When you invite volunteers to a project, people always wonder, what is in it for me? How will i befit the organization? How about my time, will I balance well? Well, those a valid questions that anyone would ask but in many cases, people may not volunteer because their dont see the value proposition. Which is ok. Then there is another group, that may not see the value now, but will go in it hoping that in the long run, something will come up. In other cases people just want others to know what they do and in other cases just the need to benefit society. What ever the reason, we are happy with the volunteer team in charge of data. I have not spoken at length with them, maybe I will do a separate post, but I thought you should get to meet them. Denis Wahome and Joseph Kamau are instrumental in the structured cabling part- the design, purchase of equipment.
Denis works at Adnet and from last week, he has been coming to the iHub every evening, catching up and giving directions Joseph works with Fireside Communications and did all the foot work of buying the stuff in down town Nairobi, Industrial area among other places. The rising temperatures in Nairobi meant that he has gotten darker since last week. All in all... we are happy to have people around, whatever it is that they do best, it will go along way.
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