Enter to win a trip to the M4D Conference in New Delhi, India!

By Angela Okune
iHub Research
  Published 19 Dec 2011
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Enter to win a trip to the M4D Conference in New Delhi, India!
Share your idea for a Future application for Development and win a trip to the 3rd International Conference on Mobile Communication on Development in New Delhi 28-29 February 2012! The future Apps4D challenge focus on the development of mobile phone applications that in one way or another address the immense challenges our globe is facing concerning climate change, democracy, health, poverty reduction and increased livelihood in emerging growth economies. The rise of mobile communication has been remarkable. By November 2010, over 5.3 billion had access to mobile telephony reaching up to 90 per cent of the world population. The proliferation of mobile telephony in the emerging growth economies open up a range of possibilities and new avenues for using the mobile telephone as a communication platform for change. Examples to date range from telemedicine to report and monitor malaria outbreaks, in agriculture, for mobile money, to learn languages, reinforce literacy and educate populations about diseases as well as to monitor elections, fight corruption and mobilize support for social and political change. During the 2nd International Conference on Mobile Communication for Development (M4D2010) held in Kampala Uganda, the delegates agreed on a statement encouraging all stakeholders to fully consider the potential for mobile phones to support development (see http://m4d.humanit.org). The statement concludes that it is our common responsibility to turn this into reality, but that we need to work in partnership. In line with the above, and in connection to the 3rd International Conference on Mobile Communication on Development scheduled to take place in New Delhi 28-29 February 2012, Nokia invites people to share ideas, connect and collaborate on future mobile phone applications for development. The two winning ideas, recognized by the panel of judges, will be awarded with a trip offered by Nokia to New Delhi to present the winning ideas in a session convened by Nokia at the 2012 M4D conference. Nokia will cover the airfares, hotel costs as well as registration fee to the conference. The future Apps4D Challenge allows participants to: • Create ideas • Evolve current ideas to ensure they meet their potential • Learn from experts and one another • Find people with similar interests and areas of expertise • Link people with needs, ideas and the skills to act on them Timeline: Begins: December 1, 2011 at 09.00am EET (GMT+2) Ends: January 19, 2012 at 5pm EET (GMT+2) Check out their website for more information and to enter! Good luck!
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