Developer Community Launch - Hewani

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 02 Dec 2011
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Developer Community Launch - Hewani
Virtual Live will demonstrate an ecosystem where developers, producers of products & services, Telco’s and financial instruments can come together and work more efficiently and effectively through the power of the mobile handset. The Hewani Appstore is in line with our strategy to simplify people’s lives and to take advantage of existing mobility tools & the tremendous growth in mobile money, drop in cost of smart phones, increased interest in mobile applications. Players in the eco system have been swift to respond to the changes.The Government has been keen to developlocallyrelevant digital content throughTandaa sponsored and spearheaded by Kenya ICT Board.Telco’s have been keen to bring down the cost of data.Handset manufacturers have been instrumental to developing locally relevant and affordable Smartphone technology. The developers through partner institutions such as iHub, Telco sponsored mobile academies and universities have been keen to build have built numerous mobile applications and continue to do so every day. The missing link and the big question continue to be: how does the entire eco system generate enough revenue and hence achieve a level of sustainability. The Hewani Appstore we are building will bring together the more than 4000+ mobile developers spread across Kenya developing apps across various technologies such as USSD, Windows J2ME, android, Symbian & SMS and will integrate the mobile apps created by the developers into numerous payment systems and hence create value & sustainability for all in the chain This is the first of its kind worldwide! REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND LAUNCH
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