AZMA Launch: 25th November 2011

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 20 Nov 2011
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AZMA Launch: 25th November 2011
AZMA is an initiative of a couple of girls from Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta in Nairobi Kenya that scopes the use of this website as a social network to consolidate and expand community service efforts among high school students in Kenya.This social network is open to all high school students in Kenya who wish to participate in community service, mentorship and outreach efforts in various communities around the country.Their intention is to use this platform to facilitate discussions, interactions, organization and execution of events and ideas.. AZMA, was an initiative that stemmed off a training atm:lab byAkirachix in partnership withThe Kuyu Project. AZMA would like to invite you to their official launch on the 25th of November, 2011 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta. The launch will take place in the main school hall. It is open to all AZMA members, future AZMA members, parents,teachers, supporters of AZMA and well wishers. On going high school students and recent graduates are highly welcomed as they are the core focus of AZMA in that we seek to consolidate their efforts around community service initiatives in our community. The event will introduce AZMA’s objectives, vision and mission. It will also introduce to you the team that has worked together to create and run AZMA. A demo of the AZMA social network will be thrown into the launch as well. The event will feature a presentation from the team, words from distinguished guests, donationof books and notes and finally planting of symbolic trees.We will also have entertainment for the day.The book donation program is a direct activity that AZMA has recently engaged in as a project that aims at distributing the books and notes to those who may otherwise not have access to such materials. If you have text books at home or good notes lying around, please bring themduring the launch and we shall put them to good use. We encourage you to come andsupport The Next Big Thing in Kenya.
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