East African Network Operators Group - EANOG

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 16 Nov 2011
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 East African Network Operators Group - EANOG

For a long time networkers have wanted to have meetings where the dominant discussions are around networking and other networkers in general. The main objective would be educational, but at the same time would give vendors a chance to talk to engineers about newer technology they are playing with - like openflow, vxlan, nvgre and products on the sidelines. Engineers would get to talk and share their experiences. So this week, An invite to the iHub on saturday the 19th at 2pm for a Networker Operator meetup. Anyone who would be interested is welcome to join and get the ball rolling. Of course there will be obvious issues along the way. How often the meetups will be held? What discussions will be held? What if sponsors are not willing to provide funds? Are they necessary?A community lab? Community wi-fi? Are networkers in Kenya doing okay? How many CCIE's (Cisco Certified Internetworks Experts) are there in Kenya.. etc etc.. So in a nutshell, an educational collaborative forum for the coordination and dissemination of technical information related to networking is being formed. Everything from broadband, data centers, security, mobile networks, IP, openflow, wi-fi and anything under the moon deemed important will be open to discussion.. See you there!!
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