POWO: African Languages on Kenyan Blogs

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 15 Nov 2011
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POWO: African Languages on Kenyan Blogs
Creative Writers in Kenya make up almost 40% of blogging community in Kenya, this is according to blogs_ Kenya; an aggregator site that collects new posts from Kenyan bloggers and tweets the links to its followers.The latest statistics on Kenya Unlimited indicated that about 1024 blogs have so far been registered. This means that there are about 409 blogs run by Poets and Writers. Out of the 409 blogs, most use English as the primary blogging language. The number of Creative Writer blogs written in other languages is a handful.It is a well known fact that language is the carrier of culture and traditions from one generation to another. We are however seeing an increased use of English not just in the blogs but even with poets in their performances.

What is the role of creative writers online in promoting the use of African Languages online especially through their blogs and other social media services?

This is what the November POWO meetup on the 19th of November, 2011 addressed.The Panel gave their insights on the following:-
  • Panelists’ personal journey with language; Use of African languages today.
  • Importance of learning African languages; Online development of Kiswahili.
  • Effect of creative writing (poetry, blogging, short stories) on African languages.
  • Use of Sheng.
  • Transformation and spread of languages through internet.
  • Role of translation.
  • Role of creative writers in promoting African languages online.
  • Guarding the authentic: “Preserving” African languages.
  • Future for (African) languages.
There was also Poetry by Jacob Oketch in Dholuo, and Teardrops in Sheng.
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