All green members have to re-apply

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 03 Nov 2011
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All green members have to re-apply
It has been a very busy last few months at the iHub, having a good number of green members work together to come up with really cool and implementable applications, others going on from meeting at the iHub to forming IT start-ups and even receiving funding from local and international investors.In the same spirit we had when we set out our agenda, we would like to extend the same opportunity to a second group of green members, to come collaborate, innovate and churn out more cool, implementable and award winning tech solutions. CURRENT GREEN MEMBERS Having been a part of the brilliant contributors of the innovations that have been churned out from the iHub, you are encouraged to reapply as all the GREEN have been purged back to white membership. Once you log in, you wont have to go through all the steps like everyone else but will have tex box to fill in. This process has been fairly easy for all the green members as they all had filled in all these questions during their previous green member applications. Please make sure to send in your application before Sunday the 6th of November. Check the iHub home page for the link to re-apply!
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