Samsung Developer Conference - Introducing bada 2.0

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 03 Nov 2011
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Samsung Developer Conference - Introducing bada 2.0
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to attend the Samsung Developer Seminar at the iHub in Nairobi,Kenya on the 18th of November 2011.At the developer seminar, new features of bada 2.0 and the benefits for developers through Samsung Apps promotion will be introduced. bada 2.0 Intro The new and improved version of the bada 2.0 includes support for Near Field Communication (NFC), Web applications including HTML 5 and WAC, voice recognition, scalable UI – as well as multitasking. With the addition of multitasking, bada 2.0 adds flexibility for users and developers to run multiple applications while preserving battery life and optimizing device responsiveness. bada 2.0 also comes equipped with a new and improved Software Development Kit (SDK). On top of revamping the original features, advanced code analyzer as well as a faster simulator will no doubt allow developers more insight into the performance of their apps. Additionally, for all the Linux and Mac lovers, Samsung is also planning on releasing bada 2.0 across different operating systems to open up the platform to more developers. Developer Support Program Sessions during the day will introduce the thinking and strategy behind bada 2.0 to developers. The developer support program was also discussed as part of Samsung's efforts to create a perfect mobile eco-system, with various technical support services introduced.Samsung Electronics is continually enhancing its support programs and expanding partners, so that more developers can experience the true benefits of Samsung Platforms. The Samsung Developer Seminar will be a great opportunity for developers in Kenya to get in depth knowledge about the bada 2.0 and the Samsung developer support programs. Grab the unique opportunity to get the advanced content from the teams that work on Samsung platform. Agenda for the day To attend this event, register HERE
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