Samsung bada 2.0 Power App Race

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 22 Oct 2011
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Samsung bada 2.0 Power App Race
Samsung Electronics announced that it would hold bada 2.0 Power App Race, an application contest via the bada developer site ( its second year following after the last year‟s competition, this contest will be a bada 2.0 platform launching event targeting global mobile app developers who develop applications utilizing bada 2.0 SDK. A total of 10 applications, 5 each from game and non-game, will be selected to be rewarded with total $1,000,000 prize and other exclusive marketing benefits. Differentiated from the existing other app contests where the organizers decide the awardees, "bada 2.0 Power App Race" is based upon the consumer sales results in choosing the prize winners. Developers who want to participate need to register first for the competition at the event page of bada developer site by midnight December 31st starting from October 18th, and then submit their entries for sales to Samsung Apps. An individual developer or a company can present several other apps. Among the apps uploaded for sales, the first 10 apps of which cumulative downloads reach 100,000 will be chosen as the final champions. The winners will be announced in consecutive order through bada developer site when the cumulative downloads reach 100,000. Besides getting $100,000 cash, they will be selected as "Power App‟ and entitled with the official bada partnership, as well as given the differentiated opportunity of promotion and PR using bada developer site and Samsung Apps. In addition, Samsung plans to provide a wide variety of future programs for bada developers, while conducting "bada developer day global tour‟ to strengthen bada 2.0 eco-system. For more information on bada 2.0 Power App Race, please visit bada developer site here TO ATTEND THIS EVENT REGISTER HERE
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