Accepting green member applications now!

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 21 Oct 2011
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Accepting green member applications now!
The iHub is proud to announce the reopening of the second round of our green member applications to the tech community. A community that has continued to grow rapidly attracting more than 5,400+ members in the last months since we started our membership model. These individuals have participated in a number of workshops, conferences, competitions and brainstorming sessions that have been held at the iHub. But beyond their participation in these events, has been the proudest aspect that they have helped build, an exciting and coherent tech community. It has been a very busy year, having a good number of these members work together to come up with really cool and implementable applications, others going on from meeting at the iHub to forming IT start-ups and even receiving funding from local and international investors. We are very proud and happy to see the overall objectives that the iHub set out in the very beginning actualise. And that has been primarily to provide an open space to the tech community to come and call home, work on brilliant tech solutions and have access to tech jobs and partner opportunities. In the last 12 month membership period, we’ve had young techies, senior designers and developers come to us enquiring about access to the iHub space. So in the same spirit we had when we set out our agenda, we would like to extend the same opportunity to a second group of green members, to come collaborate, innovate and churn out more cool, implementable and award winning tech solutions. New direction & updates After interacting with the current members for almost a year, we are now ready to engage the tech community even more than before. Below are some updates and directions:
  • Training and Workshops facilitated by the iHub (business and tech)
  • iHub In-House Challenges (open corner initiative)
  • Research assistance to green members for the iHub research arm
  • Consistent user-group meet-ups
  • Preplanned monthly events calendar
  • Start-up - VC Matching sessions
  • Deeper creatives’ engagement through collaborations with the new Pawa254 space
Important dates We are now receiving applications for green membership for the year 2012, the deadline for applications is Sunday, 6th November 2011 at 11:59pm.
 Upon successful application, the new membership will be valid from 1st January 2012. All the current green memberships have been purged back to white on the iHub website.
 Not to worry though as they are still welcomed to use the space until their membership lapses at the end of November 2011. Current green members are still legible to apply as well. Next Steps
  • Update your profile and portfolios online
  • Share with us your successes and challenges for the 2011 year being at the iHub -feedback[at]
  • Check the iHub website homepage for a registration link
  • APPLY!
We look forward to receiving your applications. For queries on the above, Kindly email us through our website.
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