Shortlisted Candidates for Tandaa Content Grant Announced

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 14 Oct 2011
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Shortlisted Candidates for Tandaa Content Grant Announced
The Ministry of Information and Communication, through the Kenya ICT Board earlier this year announced the second round of calls for proposals in an ongoing three year grant program to support development of local digital content. On Wednesday 12th October 2011, the Kenya ICT Board announced the shortlist of 150 entries out the total 700 applications. A number of startups and companies from the ihub/m:lab community were selected. They are listed below in their various categories Companies: Government Data
  • mPermit - Fomobi Solutions - m:lab Trainees
Companies: Private Sector Applications
  • mTracker - Fomobi Solutions - m:lab Trainees
  • Bringing the Diaspora closer to home - Mama Mikes - iHub Company
  • Eventshare - Mobistics - m:lab Trainees
  • M-Shop: Mobile Ticketing & Purchasing - MTL Systems - m:lab Incubatee
  • NikoHapa Mobile Customer Engagement Platform - Niko Hapa Ventures Ltd - iHub Company
  • Uhasibu - online accounting for East Africa - Pluspeople Kenya Ltd - m:lab Incubatee
  • Improving social mobility of Kenyans through Social Media - Space Kenya Networks Ltd - m:lab Incubatee
  • pay4us - Zege Technologies Ltd - m:lab Incubatee
The full list of shortlisted candidates can be found here. Shortlisted candidates have been invited to an optional free business plan training at Strathmore University. Details of the training will be sentdirectly to shortlisted candidates. The business plan review will begin in Novemberand finalists announced in December 2011.
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