Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 03 Oct 2011
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Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge
The 2011 Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge builds on the successof the 2010 Apps4Africa: Civic Challenge in which civil societyleaders challenged software developers to find innovative technologicalsolutions to everyday problems on issues ranging fromtransparency and governance to health and education.The 2011 competition begins in Western and Central Africa inSeptember, with Eastern and Southern Africa to follow. Winnerswill receive prizes, including cash awards. Challenge partners,including TED Conferences and Indigo Trust, may contributetechnical assistance, prizes, and follow-on support for the newapplications created by this competition.

Apps4Africa began in late 2009 when several individuals and companiesjoined together to propose a competition that would rewardlocal innovators for their ideas and projects.The 2010 challenge winners received prize money, media attention,and a special congratulatory message from Secretary ofState, Hillary Rodham Clinton.With coordination by Uganda software development firm Appfrica International, Apps4Africa brings civil society, NGOs, academia,and private sector organizations together with African technologyinnovators to develop applications that address local climatechange adaptation challenges. In doing so, we seek to support thedevelopment of civil society and private-sector networks; andhighlight African solutions to local climate change challenges. The Climate Challenge centers around several strategic themesthat coincide with policy decisions that will be debated anddecided upon by world leaders at the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) conferencein Durban, South Africa. The benefit of this is that it increasesthe chance that competition participants will find very eagerdecision makers eager to try, recommend, and otherwise supportthe applications and projects developed for the competition. CONTEST DATES AND INFO West/Central Africa (Begins Oct 1, 2011 - Ends Nov 30, 2011) Eastern Africa (Begins Oct 20, 2011 - Ends Dec 20, 2011) Southern Africa (Begins Feb 1, 2012 - Ends Mar 30, 2012) Categories for Entry - Agriculture (Distribution), Early Warningand/or Disaster Preparedness, Resource Management,Forestry/Deforestation, Transportation/Traffic/Emissions, FoodSecurity, Livestock, Health and Sanitation. Countries Hosting Regional Outreach Events - Mali, Senegal,Nigeria, DRC, Ghana, (West Africa) Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda,Tanzania, Ethiopia, (East Africa) South Africa, Botswana, Madagascarand Angola (Southern Africa) CONTACT Contact the contest coordinator or visit uson the web at
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