iHub Start-Up Profiles – Capefield

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 23 Sep 2011
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As part of our weekly start-up profiles, this week we take a close look at a fresh, energetic and upcoming entrepreneur – Yound David Lemayian. David is an enthusiastic hiker, photographer and student, but he is also the CEO and Founder of a Kenyan based technology company called Capefield which is also registered on crunchbase. The 20 year old recently won the Google Android Developer Challenge in sub Saharan Africa for his mobile application Olalashe. What inspired the genesis of Capefield? " I got into programming in high school. My friends and I would have friendly coding challenges. I started nurturing my talent henceforth and I am still learning. I believe in making an impact in society and in doing, not just trying. I believe in creating applications that are tuned to the needs of the society and this is what brought about the origination of Capefield.”

“ Capefield is about empowering the individual and the society by creating innovative mobile solutions. We first look at the individual, what he/she needs, and then leverage this with mobile technology. This is the evident with the applications that we have created. We have bootstrapped for the past one year and believe in hardwork.” Who are the team members? “There are two people currently on the team - Lillian Nduati and myself. I am the CEO and in-charge of steering the company to achieve its mission. I am also the technical lead and develop most of the applications. My counterpart Lillian is in-charge of operations – she helps plan, direct and coordinate the operations at Capefield, as well as provide support such as documentation, research and testing of the developed apps.”
What applications have you created? " Our specialization is mobile technology and we customize applications for clients. We have released our own applications such as Olalashe and MsemaKweli which both have a social impact." "Olalashe is about making people feel secure and safe. If you are in trouble, you can quickly press one button and it sends communication to all your ‘in case of emergency contacts’ giving them your location and alerting them that you might be in trouble.” “Olalashe which means brother in the Maasai language can also help people to report crimes as they happen using the mobile phone. We foresee this app potentially saving numerous lives.” "Msema Kweli’s social impact can be seen by how it gets government to be more accountable by putting the information in citizens hands. The application enables constituents to monitor and track how their Constituency Development Funds are utilised." How has the iHub helped with your start-up journey? "iHub is more than a space. It has given me a platform to launch my business idea. I get enlightened each day I am at the iHub with the connections I make daily. I have also been able to meet two amazing mentors at the iHub, who have really helped me focus and shape the business strategy.” What is your advise to other iHub members? “When in the space, I would advise meet people and keep yours eyes and ears open. There is so much to learn from every single person using the space!"
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