iHub: The impetus for synergy

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 05 Sep 2011
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Imagine if there existed a social network that links up high school students and pre-University students to do community service on a very large scale! Imagine if multitudes of young people were organized to clean markets and streets, plant trees, reach out to children’s homes, elderly homes and hospitals, and most specially, transfer their knowledge as well as plant dreams in fellow young ones from weaker primary and secondary schools in Nairobi and Kenya at large who may be lacking inspiration. Active participation from the young towards nation building! A Precious Blood Riruta High School student had this imagination two months ago and shared it with a couple of friends, the Principal and later on the entire school. Teddy Warria, a good friend of ours introduced us to Jessica Colaco, the manager of iHub. After interacting with her, dreams turned into reality in a matter of just two weeks because she introduced us to AkiraChix, a group of women who seek to promote women in technology welcomed our idea and decided to take it up. The AkiraChix partnered with Simeon Oriko, the manager of the Kuyu project and run a two-week digital camp for us at the iHub. At this camp, we learnt about technology, social media tools, business skills, creativity, marketing skills and general life skills through constant interaction with Simeon, AkiraChix and other parties at the iHub. The outcome of this has being the creation of AZMA - Ambitious and Zealous Movers of Africa. Our vision is that millions of people will use this platform to create events; companies will look to AZMA to arrange for Corporate Social Responsibility, the young people will engage themselves in constructive hang-outs and discussions. Guest post by: Wangechi Mwangi, a final year student at Precious Blood Riruta High School and Co-Founder of AZMA
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