Growing Digital at G-Uganda and G-Kenya

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 15 Aug 2011
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Growing Digital at G-Uganda and G-Kenya
Over the past two years, many people have asked why Google hosts these G-days all over Africa, and for free. It’s a valid question. Their goal is to make the web better by giving the right people the skills to improve it. Students, techies, entrepreneurs and businesses are the engine behind what drives the applications, information and content that people in Africa want and use. Google provides just the products and tools to help you get there; G-days are about training you directly. Which is why they are bringing version 2.0 to Uganda and Kenya! This September, the Google global team is serving up fresh tips and hands-on sessions to make developers and businesses more successful online. Here is a brief:
  • Get Online and Grow your Digital Strategy for Marketers, Businesses, Publishers
  • Developer & Webmaster Deep Dive with Android, Chrome, App Engine, Maps and Webmaster Tools.
G-Uganda will be held in at theSheraton Hotel in Kampala on September 8th to the 9th.G-Kenya follows closely behind on September 12th to the 13th at theWestgate Cinema. Google is accepting applications to attend this free event. Space is limited so if you’re interested, take a few minutes and apply today (G-Uganda andG-Kenya).
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