MsemaKweli App launched @iHubNairobi

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 18 Jul 2011
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MsemaKweli App launched @iHubNairobi
Do you have an Idea of what is going on in your constituency? How about the funds? The progress of CDF projects? Do you get any feedback? Do people get to have a say in those projects?
Well with Msema Kweli now you can. Thisis a mobile application that helps keep track of Community Development Fund projects. It does this by keeping track and enabling citizens to comment on the projects in the hands of any person. By simply being able to choose the project from a list generated from your choice of constituency, Msema Kweli shows the relevant details of that project. It then allows you to be able to share the same project to your contacts via SMS, email or on social media platforms.
The Team has had a great week working on this application, #MsemaKweli. Conceptualized by Isaac Osiemo (@zacckOS) and designed by David Lemayian (@DavidLemayian), It has gotten numerous accolades at the launch of the Open Data Project by the Government of Kenya. It also got to be presented on stage by the very kind Mr. Daudid Were. And for every other person who has enabled this awesome applications success, thank you.
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