iHubber: Marie Githinji

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 11 Jul 2011
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iHubber: Marie Githinji
In a quest to tell the stories of the people and the projects that make the iHub community, We have beeninterviewingour community and listening to their stories. These are stories about The iHubber -The People andThe Projects we see at the iHub every day! This week, we talked toMarie Githinji. A green member, a coder and an AkiraChix. Briefly tell me about yourself, How your day starts and How you get your inspiration? Im a Software Developer and also a Co-Founder of Akirachix.I jump start my day with my daily shot of vitamin (Cappuccino) from Pete's Coffee, Correspondto my mails. I have three mail accounts so it takes me a bit over half an hour to read and respond to mails. This ranges fromwork, personal and of course Akirachix, then proceed to select a play list for the day and dive straight into code. When and how did get into Programming? I was introduced to programming when I was in high school and when I accomplished my first “Hallo world” I was hooked,so when I left high school I already knew what career path to take. Tell me about you latest projects I work for an NGO called SODNET - Social Development Network. I am the lead developer and currently we are working onUGATUZI which is a Budget trucking tool. The tool highlights Development Projects' detailed descriptions,status of project and funds disbursement history. It also provides a list of organizations/groups monitoring projects atthe Constituency level, a possibility for monitoring groups to upload data (documents, videos, photos,reports) on anomalies or instances of malpractices or corruption. What are your guiding principles? Understanding the problem im trying to solve and when planning for this it means identifying necessary tasks and procedures Whats the one aspect of Programming you give highest priority to? Functionality! It beats the point if the system looks good but doesn't function as intended. What do you love the most about being a programmer? And what led you to start using the iHub? I love being a software developer because there is always something new and exciting to learn every single day. The one thing I've come to appreciate about the IHub is the community. Irregardless whether you are developer, designer, or more than that, there is always a community in there. iHub for me started with the forming of the Akirachix and we used and still use the space for team meetings, hackathons and monthly meetups ever since. What do you wish people would understand about working in the software development industry? Fun factor, casual wear is the rule t-shirts and jeans. This is one industry that things change at the speed of light, so there is constant learning of new technologies. What can other innovators do to take advantage of the iHub space? Well first step is to apply formembership, the iHub like I said is a community and from a community you get knowledge, jobs and also make new networks and friendships Whats the one piece of advice you can give someone thinking of a career in programming? You should NEVER become bored as a developer. There is always something new to learn and so the challenge is up-to you to make it exciting. This could be a new language, a new tool, a new framework, a new methodology etc, Its up-to you! What trends do you see being big in 2011? Mobile technology is growing faster than any technology. Fact is mobile devices are going to be the majority of the way that people get information so as a programmer, we should all aim to innovate for the default device. Follow Marie on Twitter (@mariegithinji). Also see more aboutAkirachix here
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