Demonstration on Eden 3D game development framework

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 11 Jul 2011
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On Wednesday 13th July at 6pm, Funtrench Limited will hold a demonstration on their Eden3Dgame development framework and SDK. In 2008 Funtrench developed the Eden3Dgame development framework, which is a Python-based framework that runs on the open-source Panda 3D graphics engine. Their objective with Eden has been creating a means for all levels of programmers to create3Dgames of good quality and deploy them. After 3 years of heavy improvements and developing the framework to maturity, including an SDK and a set of tutorials, They would like to showcase the capabilities of Eden to the general programmer community. They will be opening a training facility for complete game programming and this is a forum for all interested parties within the iHub community to ask questions. They have made a few games already which we will be showcasing, along with a deployment system from Panda3Dthat allows for games to be embedded on a webpage. For those interested in this training, Funtrench will be offering a complete game development course covering:
  • Principles of game design
  • Principles of game artificial intelligence
  • Static geometry and character animation
  • Panda3Dgame engine
  • Python programming and Eden
Funtrench has a project named Eden3DDigital Cities which aims to create3Dworlds of East African cities with major roads and buildings. The digital cities project will require techies specializing in animation, modeling and then game developers. Creating games around the project such as race car simulators, simple walkabout games and even first-person shooters is where we can engage with the iHub community. In addition, They will be showcasing some mobile applications development. As mobile platforms overtake PCs in usage statistics the software community follows the trend. Funtrench Limited will also be offering training on mobile game and application development. The demo is open to all iHub members.
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