PesaPi hackathon 16th July 2011 6pm.

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 07 Jul 2011
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PesaPi hackathon 16th July 2011 6pm.
On the 16th July the iHub is hosting a hackathon for developers involved in the PesaPi project. The hackathon is expected to continue until early sunday morning. The overall goal of the hackathon is to get the various developers aligned, and to give the project a significant push towards production level software (currently it is considered alpha level). If you are a developer and want to contribute to PesaPi – but need help to get started – then THIS is the event to join. PesaPi is an open source API for commercial Mpesa accounts, first released at BitMagic 21/05/2011 by Pluspeople Kenya. The project is intended as a open source solution for integrating Mpesa payments with your other backend software – The software is an unofficial API that is intended to be used until an official API is released. Goals for the hackathon:
  • Get everyone started on improving PesaPi.
  • Improve the quality of the current code.
  • Create ports of the project to other languages (java/ruby/python).
  • Create examples of how the system can be used, to make it easier to implement.
To attend please bring your laptop and have apache+php+mysql installed on it so you are ready to test/understand the current code (from there you can work on a different language if you want to). Click here for more information about PesaPi. And also please RSVP though this link before the event.
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