Women in Tech Cocktail at the iHub

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 27 Jun 2011
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Women in Tech Cocktail at the iHub
Women @Google Africa together with AkiraChix will be hosting a Women in Tech Cocktail at the iHub on 28th June 17:00- 19:00. Apart from the food, the event will include a Heart to Heart talk on what it means to be a woman engineer and how to stay on top of the game. The event will be graced by :- The very first woman engineer for the Google Africa team
  • Margaret Lisowiec, Before Google she worked in USA, mostly in startups, several of them. she has an expertise in a real time programming, telco signaling and networking,GPSbased navigation systems and distributed architectures in general. At Google she learned Python, Java and large scale programming.
  • Google freshly minted Country Manager Kenya Olga Arara (she is actually an engineer with business acumen)
  • Susan Wyche is acomputing Innovation Fellow(CI Fellow) at Virginia Tech’s center for Human Intereaction. Her research focuses on human-computer interaction, design and cultural studies of technology. In her dissertation, Wyche used religion as a lens to understand how alternative worldviews can inform design. She has explored how Muslims in Atlanta, Charismatic Pentecostals in So Paulo, and Protestant Christians in Nairobi, use mobile phones, computers, and the Internet to support their religious practices. Each study has resulted in a publication at top-tier conference in her field, multiple design concepts, and in one case, a mobile phone application available for download at Apple Inc.’s “App Store.” Among Others.
The event will be held at the ihub 4th floor of the Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Rd., directly opposite the Uchumi Hyper. on 28th June 17:00- 19:00 To attend the event register here
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