First set of incubation clients selected for m:lab East Africa

By John Kieti
  Published 27 Jun 2011
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The m:lab consortium has approved the list of mobile start ups selected for the resident incubation program at m:lab East Africa. We are pleased to announce the names of the startups in this first set of clients for the incubation facility as follows :- MedKenya -This is a collaboration between Gruppo Potente and Shimba Technologies. The startup was the Health category winner in this year's Pivot25 as well as the competition's overal winner. Theirs is aplatform that provides symptom checkers, first-aid information, doctor & hospital directories as well as relevant alert services. The service aims to make healthcare information affordable and accessible to Kenyans. They target to provide solutions for Health, a universal need in line with Kenya's Vision 2030 and the Millenium Development Goals. The startup will also be pitching their application at DEMO.COM MTL Systems - They are popularly known for their M-Shop application which they presented at this year's PIVOT25 competition. M-Shop is a platform allowing consumers to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets for events, travel, goods & services. The solution provides USSD technology or a mobile application on smart phones to deliver convenience at any time and from any location with a mobile carrier signal. The company emerged the winner of PIVOT25's mobile payments and commerce category. Space Kenya Networks LTD - The company is popularly known for Whive, a category winner for Gaming Entertainment and Utilities in this year's PIVOT25 competition. Whive is a mobile social aggregator integrated with major social media platforms. The application allows its over 17,000 Subscribers to communicate with contacts, friends via SMS, messaging and other social media. Whive is also a recent winner of the Vision 2030 ICT award for Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Groups Sector in Kenya. PlusPeople Kenya LTD - Their product is Uhasibu, a cloud based accounting system for small & medium companies in East Africa. It helps in generating KRA format VAT reports, petty cash management and other financial management features. It also supports East African Currencies and is accessible for sh1,000 per month. The software as a service (SaaS) application was the Business and Entreprise Category winner in this year's Pivot25 competition. M-Farm LTD - These are the creators of the M-Farm application - A market transparency tool for farmers. With the application, Kenyan farmers SMS the number 3535 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, to buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and to find buyers for their produce. The start-up aims to address problems affecting farmers' productivity and livelihoods. M-Farm was a finalist at this year's PIVOT25 competition in the category of Government, Education and Agriculture. Kopokopo Inc - Theirs is a A software-as-a-service mobile payment gateway for small and medium sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Their application was a finalist at this year's PIVOT25 competition in the category of mobile payments and commerce. ZegeTechnologies - This is the startup behind MPAYER - an application which aims to make Mobile Money payments with enterprises easier, more efficient and much faster than current configurations. The company aims to make mobile money more malleable amongst local entreprises. Their M-PAYER application was a finalist at this year's PIVOT25 competition in the category of mobile payments and commerce. Selection of the 7 clients has been finalized shortly after m:lab East Africa was formerly launched and its new facilities inaugurated - on 16th June 2011. This is also after successful conclusion of the lab's PIVOT25 event held on 14th and 15th June 2011.The applications evaluation team and the consortium noted a high demand for incubation facilities with applicants originating from as far as Rwanda and Uganda. Competition for the few resident incubation slots was stiff. Tobegin addressing this unmet demand for business incubation services, m:lab East Africa is exploring possibilities for off-site incubation services. More on this will becommunicatedin due course through the lab's website. For more information about m:lab East Africa, visit the website whose address is
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