[email protected] Workshop: Designing 101

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 22 Jun 2011
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R@iHub Workshop: Designing 101
The research arm of the iHub presents to you Designing for the Users, Making Technology work for the day to day man. These will be a series of workshops to be held at the iHub by a number of reputable designers.On Friday 24th, Susan Wyche presents Design 101, what it means to design for the user, on July 1st Andrew Maunder presents The Design Research. In attendance will be members of Frog Design to answer your questions . Susan Wyche is aComputing Innovation Fellow (CI Fellow) atVirginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction. Her research focuses on human-computer interaction, design and cultural studies of technology. In her dissertation, Wyche used religion as a lens to understand how alternative worldviews can inform design. She has explored how Muslims in Atlanta, Charismatic Pentecostals in So Paulo, and Protestant Christians in Nairobi, use mobile phones, computers, and the Internet to support their religious practices. Each study has resulted in a publication at top-tier conference in her field, multiple design concepts, and in one case, a mobile phone application available for download atApple Inc.'s "App Store." Prior to coming to Virginia Tech, Wyche received her PhD in Human-Centered Computing from theGeorgia Institute of Technology, her master's degree fromCornell University and her undergraduate degree in Industrial Design fromCarnegie Mellon University. In addition to her academic pursuits, Wyche has professional design experience, most notably working at Libbey Inc. designing glassware and as a design researcher for S.C. Johnson Inc. She has also worked as a research intern at Microsoft Research, Cambridge (U.K.) and Intel Labs (Berkeley). Andrew Maunder "Andrew (29) is a user experience researcher, designer and strategist. Over the past six years he has used various user-centric design techniques to create valuable and usable mobile and Web experiences. Much of that time was spent working on his PhD thesis titled 'Designing Appropriate Technologies'. It explored ways of designing mobile services that are appropriate for technologically and financially poor communities in South Africa. His work culminated in several international publications, most notably a full publication in the International Journal of Human Computer Studies and a US patent which was filed incollaboration with Richard Harper from Microsoft Research and Prof. Gary Marsden from UCT. Both described a mobile media sharing platform which provided feature phone users with 'free' access to rich Web content (YouTube & Flickr). Following his studies, Andrew took up a position as user experience (UX) architect at MXit Lifestyle where he was charged with improving the user experience of MXit's mobile offering and facilitating user centric design company wide. In early 2010, Andrew moved to Flow Interactive to work as a UX consultant under the guidance of Philip Barrett (director of Flow Interactive London). He currently designs interactive mobile services for international clients and assists them in developing appropriate user experiences and the supporting business models." AlsoBob Ryskamp who has been a Designer at Google for 8 years will give an overview of user experience design and talk about how we do it at Google the following week, Friday 5pm July 1st at the iHub. He will be hoping to lead a discussion about what techniques and strategies work well for designers in Nairobi. Kindly RSVPseparatelyhere to attend these two events
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