Pivot25 Day 2 Presentation by Ken Mwenda of eMobilis

By Hilda Moraa
  Published 15 Jun 2011
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Pivot25 Day 2 Presentation by Ken Mwenda of eMobilis
m:Lab is a regional mobile laboratory. There are currently only two in Africa (South Africa and Kenya). m:Lab is funded by an infoDev grant (with support from the Government of Finland, and Nokia) and is comprised of a consortium of four organizations (UoN, iHub, eMobilis, and World Wide Web Foundation). Deliverables of m:Lab
  • 40 trained students per year
  • Physical space for incubation and shared services (Bishop Magua 3rd Floor)
  • Pivot25 Competition
  • Create 8 apps
  • Create knowledge repository online
  • Incubate 7 start-ups
  • Launch a consumer insight study
  • Test suite, certification and signing of apps
m:Lab is focusing on J2ME, PHP, MYSQQL, ANDROID, USSD, and SMS Incubation. m:Lab also has resources for incubatees to learn skills IVR, DOTMOBI, and business skills. eMobilis is a mobile dedicated training institution that formed two years ago. eMobilis has a focus on mobile network infrastructure and mobile application software development. eMobilis is focus on entrepreneurship and has enrolled 300 students as well as IT managers. Nathan Eagle (Txteagle) created the eMobilis curriculum. eMobilis was formed because: 1. Safaricom overtook East African Breweries Ltd. (overtaking beer = a sign of the real ascent of mobile); 2. For every PC in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are 14 mobile phones; 3. App Stores: potential and market is there; 4. Telecommunication Industry growth – ther is high demand but lack of qualified individuals. Why mobile?
  • Internet access through mobile devices rather than PC (implications for the kids of sites)
  • Latent demand for mobile apps
  • Low barriers to entry for developers
  • Mobile networks: world’s largest distribution and communication platform
  • Mobile phone services in Africa much more than 600 million people
  • Innovative apps are developed in emerging markets that are serving as models for the rest of the world.
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