Kamai Budhabhatti, CEO of Craft Silicon presents a new product, Elma

By Hilda Moraa
  Published 14 Jun 2011
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Kamai Budhabhatti, CEO of Craft Silicon presents a new product, Elma
Craft Silicon is a Kenyan banking software company that exports software to about 40 countries. Craft Silicon, since its inception in 1998, stayed ahead of the ever-changing times, with its core expertise in the domain of providing customized software solutions for the financial sector. Today, about 80% of Kenyan software exports come from Craft Silicon. One of Craft Silicon’s newest products, Elma, is a mobile commerce platform. It is a highly customizable software that can connect to your bank(s) and be used for a wide range of commercial activities including paying utilities and paying subscribed merchants. In order to make this product work, Craft Silicon is working closely in partnership with merchants, banks, and microfinance institutions. Elma has a mobile as well as a web interface. Elma also offers a prepaid card. Every Elma Customer is entitled to a prepaid card, which allows user to upload credit to the card and use it as a credit card. The product is also an open software. Third party develops can develop applications that can run under Elma environment. Currently more than 50 third party applications are available. The Elma SDK is provided free and Craft Silicon also offers Elma developers a conference twice a month. Elma cost: a flat fee of KSH 80 ($1) per month per account for unlimited use. Craft Silicon Foundation: Buses (powered by solar panels) that are full classrooms of 36 students go to four different slums in Kenya. After completing the education, the students’ CVs are circulated to Craft Silicon’s business partners. 2,500 students have been educated.
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