Talk on Advancing Bio-Informatics and Genomics

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 13 Jun 2011
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Modern biology is now largely focused on the analysis of whole genomedata; producing, curating, and making this data accessible forresearch is a major initiative all over the world. The goal of thistalk is to acquaint folks with the basics of modern biology (what is agenome? why should you care? what are they used for?) and then topitch the idea that whole genome sequencing and annotation projects,most of which are currently based in a few centers in Europe, Asia,and North America, could be organized here in East Africa to unitebiologists, computer scientists and technology experts in this nowwidespread endeavor. Sequencing whole genomes (getting the data) getscheaper every day, but annotating and using genome data requires a lotof time and hard work by large consortia of people. Join Sarah Schaak this Saturday the 18th at 3pm as shespearheads an effort to provide the training to get a working grouptogether here for what is typically called a “jamboree” to annotate the genomes of species of biological significance to the region. Click here to Sign up for the Talk
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